the mesquite grill advantage
Keeping it real Texas With our real mesquite wood grill

What's real Texas cooking? It’s big. It's full of attitude — and it’s done over a real mesquite wood fire. What's the big deal about a real mesquite grill?

It's hot. A real mesquite grill is hotter than a two dollar pistol at the Alamo. Much hotter, in short, than any home grill - over 800 degrees Fahrenheit. What does all that heat do for a good piece of meat? It gives it a tantalizingly crispy, lightly charred crust while locking in flavor and juices, keeping the interior perfectly moist, tender and delicious.

It's flavorful. Mesquite wood infuses meats with rich, smoky flavors and woodsy aromas that are pure Texas.

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